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rpImagine a community where everyone is valued for their abilities and appreciated for what they contribute
to the lives of others.

Randy and Friends  -  celebrating life happens at the Rooster's Perch:

 We are a typical coffee house where people spend time with friends, talking and laughing or,
maybe, playing a game.   We are unique because you might get to meet and better understand people you
may never have had a chance to meet.

Dhiren Rhinehart

dhirenDhiren usually comes to the Rooster's Perch on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  He enjoys making bracelets and necklaces.
He also helps a friend make fishing lures and makes himself available to help others with their projects.  He stated that
everywhere he goes, he wants to be an encourager and make people laugh with his jokes.

He loves to swim and has been swimming since he was a little boy.  He competes in the Special Olympics and would
one day like to teach swimming in the Special Olympics.

He says, "My goal is to achieve maximum independence on my own."

Greg Buxton

gregGreg is a regular at the Rooster's Perch.  "I love being down here.  This is a very nice place."  He comes to hang  out
with friends, but he volunteers his time to help out also.

He says he would rather be working, and has had a variety of experiences.  "I will even do a job I do not like, just
to have a job.  You can't make a living if you don't have a job."
But he says he does miss everyone when he can't get to the Rooster's Perch.

Adam Michelsen

adamJust wanted to tell everyone how happy I am at the Rooster's Perch.  I have purpose there while making new friends.
The volunteers assist me with projects, and I have had great success selling my fishing lures and turkey calls.

Everyone gets along there, and I feel encouraged and loved.  Thank you for your vision and love.  May God continue
to bless the Rooster's Perch.


I like the Rooster’s Perch because I like to hang out
with my Friends, the cooking classes,
and the people are nice and friendly.
Rebekah Souther

The Perch is a wonderful place to
meet new friends and not be judged
by your disabilities. I always feel welcome
here, like I’m a part of the family.
Tori Overrmyer, Assistant Manger

The Perch has been a real blessing to me, because
I can come here and be with others who have disabilities
and not be judged.
Charles Hyde

Did you know that only 25% of individuals with
disabilities are employed in our workforce?
Can you help us find employment for these

Patrick is gifted with Microsoft Office and customer
service, and has a Business and Administrative
Technology Diploma from Lanier Tech

Nic is gifted with a hard-work ethic and is willing
to do any kind of work, including production

Adam’s gift is a sense of humor, and would like to
work in stocking and customer service

Juan’s gift is a quiet Spirit and is Bilingual. He has
work experience in sales, food service, and production